Sunday, July 19, 2009

Travellers' Tips

Travellers' Tips
Traveling to Mumbai with proper preparation and basic about the city will help you feel comfortable in the city. Learning a few lines in the regional language will help a lot.

>> Keeping traveler's cheques rather than cash while moving around. You can easily exchange these cheques at various money exchanger

>> Do not carry your important documents and valuables all the time rather submit them at the counter of your hotel.

>> Always keep your personal belongings with yourself.

>> Don't get into any prohibited stuff like drugs, ammunition etc, as it is a crime and the culpable will be treated severely.

>> Keep the phone number of 2 to 3 police stations near place of your stay.

>> Wear light coloured clothes during the period of March to September as the temperature during this period is usually around 30degrees

>> Remove your shoes outside while visiting temples and mosques.

>> Be careful while swimming, as in Mumbai the waters in Mumbai have a strong under current.

>> Outside Mumbai electricity tends to fluctuate, any sensitive equipment should be plugged in through a voltage stabilizer.
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