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General Information about Mumbai.

General Information about Mumbai
437.77 sq. kms

14.8 million and growing

Common Languages:
Marathi is the native language and most widely spoken other
languages spoken are English,Gujrati,Hindi.

Time Zone:
India has a single time zone.
Indian Standard Time is
5&1/2 hours ahead of London(GMT).
10&1/2 hours ahead of New York.
4&1/2 hours behind Australia.
2&1/2 hours behind Hong KOng & Singapore.

The electric current in India is 220/250 volts and AC/50 cycles.

The Indian currency is of 'Rupees and Paise'
where 1Rupee=100Paise.

Coins available are: 50paise, 1Rupee, 2Rupee, 5Rupee, 10Rupee.
Notes available are: 1Rupee, 2Rupee, 5Rupee, 10Rupee, 20Rupee, 50Rupee, 100Rupee, 500Rupee, 1000Rupee.

Mode of traveling:
There is a wide distributed railway network in Mumbai which also is the major mode of transport in the city comprising of the
Central, Western, Harbor lines.
One can also use the B.E.S.T buses which reach to every corner of the city.
Auto-rickshaws and Taxis are also available at fixed tariff.

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