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Complaint against Auto and Taxi drivers

Complaint against Auto and Taxi drivers

Ever had a quarrel with an taxi driver or an auto-rickshaw driver......?????? And wondered what should be done to such guys????? Well now there is nothing to worry about here is something that will help you a lot.

If an Auto-rickshaw or a taxi driver refuses to travel to a certain destination irrespective of the distance, does not respond to your call or goes physical here's what you should do

A complaint against any taxi driver who misbehaves can be lodged against him by either email or post.
To lodge an online complaint, go to the Mumbai traffic police website


Or you can also fax your complaint to 02224927237, 24924734, 24925462

You can also email the
Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) at jcptraffic@trafficpolicemumbai.org and jcptraffic@gmail.com

f a taxi or auto-rickshaw driver misbehaves with the passenger, charges wrong fare, or refuses to take him to his destination, a complaint can be registered against the driver mentioning
taxi number,

the nature of the offense
at the
RTO of his respective area (Tardeo, Wadala or Andheri). The complaint can even be lodged through the website www.rtomumbaicentral.com

An independent inquiry will be carried out. If it is found that the offender is done such a thing for the first time he is levied a
minimum fine of Rs. 100 according to the law and the offender is warned. A second time offender is dealt with higher fines and suspension of the drivers license.
so friends there you go the next time an errant driver charges exorbitant fares you know what to do....

Why an auto-rickshaw or a taxi driver cannot refuse to ply to any destination?

An Auto-rickshaw or a Taxi is a 'Public Service Vehicle' so they have no rights to refuse to ply to any destination irrespective of its distance.
As per the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Act, Section 22 (d) 178 (3) (b), "Auto rickshaw driver Refusing to ply for hire" attracts a penalty of Rs. 100, and it goes up to Rs. 200 for a Taxi refusing to ply.

Please note:

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Mumbai had issued new tariff cards for taxis in April 2007. But even today taxi drivers continue to ply passengers using the old tariff cards which is an offense under the Motor Vehicles Act and can incur a fine of Rs 500- 2,500 along with the suspension of the driver’s license

Since Majority of the taxis were converted to CNG the tariff card was reissued. In spite of official tariff cards being introduced, taxi drivers continue to use the old tariff cards.

Earlier the minimum fare was Rs 13 for every 1.6 km and Rs 8.50p for every subsequent km. The new tariff cards have the same minimum fare and for every subsequent km the fare is Rs 8.

In order to make sure that you’re not being cheated, remember that an authentic tariff card bears the Regional Transport Authority’s (RTA) stamp along with the chairman’s and the secretary’s signature. It is pale yellow in color.

Things to keep in mind.

Download the format for the Complaint form and save it on your PC or take a Print out and keep it handy

>>Get into the auto or taxi first and then tell your destination

>>The driver cannot ask to get down from the vehicle

>>If the driver goes physical call on 100

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